Assuming you have been prayerful and deliberate about making the decision to move away from or quit a missions focus, there will be any number variables and concerns which might influence the process.

Factors calling for a slow disengagement and eventual release of commitment:

  • change in definition of the goal or vision
  • planned departure, dismissal, resignation, or reassignment of "your" personnel
  • transfer of responsibility for the focus ministry to other churches, organizations, or individuals

Factors calling for a planned completion point for your commitment:

  • milestone achievement of your focus vision goal/s
  • celebration of fulfillment of the focus goal
  • installation of indigenous leadership for continuing the ministry focus
  • clear circumstantial evidences of closure - whether political, strategic, resource availability, etc.

Factors calling for a quick retreat and/or immediate release of commitment:

  • confirmed moral failure of the worker or team
  • confirmed pattern of unethical communication or handing of funds
  • dangerous credible threat to the workers or related terroristic activity placing workers in jeopardy

Do all things with grace, as generous as possible, and with good communication to all parties involved. This would include : workers affected, including team, country, region leaders, mission agency representatives, perhaps other churches who also have significant ownership and partnership in the focus work and goals. Giving fair notice and a gradual tapering off of support would be in order, unless there are mitigating reasons not to do so. Appropriately notifying your congregation is another aspect requiring grace and integrity, speaking the truth in love. Some among your congregation may also be affected because of their own personal commitment to that project or goal (above and beyond the church’s corporate commitment). Don’t advise, expect, or demand that they also terminate their relationship, unless there are mitigating reasons to so advise.