If you haven’t read the previous section about getting a missions event on the church calendar, you might want to do so before reading this section. The same principles apply.

Make sure that your expectations are appropriate. Realize that every ministry of the church would like to have more platform time, more announcements, more support of the senior pastor, more opportunity to address the whole congregation. In today’s church culture limited time in services means that it must be managed by a tight awareness of priorities. Usually this means that missions platform time must be balanced with the concerns of other ministries which are also important.

A “missions minute” must be kept to 60 seconds. It should be crisp, quality, attention-getting, stimulating the audience to want more.

Feeding the pastor or the one giving the pastoral prayer in the service with a world missions prayer request is a simple and powerful means of communicating in a way that is appropriate and spiritual in tone.

Missions video clips should be of good quality and well edited so that it is time well used, no dead spots, no drag in action, no cliché-ish repetition of the obvious.

Short testimonies of short-term missions participants touch hearts.

People want to know results from the field from all the prayers, funds, and help of the congregation to its missionaries and field ministries.

Just because missions is an important priority for the local church doesn’t automatically grant platform time on a weekly basis. Coming alongside in working with your church leaders to provide the best available missions information, inspiration, and opportunities will when you and your missions team the proper platform presence. Know that platform time behind the mic is not the only means of communication available to you. Worship folder or bulletin inserts, when done well, are good opportunities. Scrolling announcement pages on the screen are helpful. Email to the congregation, with appropriate graphical appeal and links to further information, can be very effective.