Your Missions Team needs to get others from the church involved in the missions event. Though it’s not the most noble motivation, you need to get others involved so that you don’t work yourself to death trying to do it all yourselves. Creating, planning, promoting, executing, and cleaning up afterward is a huge undertaking. In fact, most Missions Teams can slip into the mode of spending 80-90% of their time just on financial budget management and the annual conference. Then they wonder why they’re not accomplishing much in the way of church mobilization. so, if for no other reason than to spread the workload, it is important to recruit others to share the work.

It is also essential to get others involved for dynamic mobilization reasons. When people become involved, they have more ownership of the goals and agenda of the event. people having responsibilities for any role are more likely to attend and value the event. Recruiting others and delegating responsibilities is, in fact, a form of missions mobilization.

So, how do you get others involved? First, divide up the areas of responsibility into discrete parts. Put different Missions Team members (or the Event Sub-Team) in charge of each part. Get them to recruit their own specialist team and provide orientation and training, as necessary.

What are those parts? They will be different from church to church and even from year to year, depending on our purposes, the theme, emphasis etc. But, those parts may include :

  • Prayer
  • Speaker/s
  • AV – auditorium sound & presentation system support
  • Room set-up logistics
  • Food preparation, presentation, and clean up
  • Graphics and print materials support
  • Special events for kids, youth, seniors, men, women, etc.
  • Worship & music
  • Handout materials
  • Video development and/or presentation
  • M.C.
  • Drama, skits, role play, first person biographies, etc.
  • Special music features