What captures your imagination and stimulates you to get involved? Those same factors apply to missions mobilization of your congregation.

Factors that fuel people’s vision and imagination:
  • grasping a compelling need or rationale
  • seeing or hearing something from a fresh or unique perspective
  • understanding the beauty, grandeur, or great purpose, especially as it may relate to or require their role in it
  • something heroic
  • something that seems impossible or too difficult or too large to accomplish
  • something shocking or appalling that begs to be made right, resolved, or reformed

Factors that stimulate involvement:

  • strong biblical rationale or basis for the work
  • a clear strategic focus: “doing this will result in or enable that”
  • a clear call or invitation to join the work
  • a clear path for them to volunteer and be utilized
  • clear roles and/or job descriptions which define their involvement
  • opportunities to make an impact and/or see results from their involvement
    time, term, or cost limits
  • recruitment by trusted friends or leaders
  • compelling stories of others’ involvement, especially peers with whom they relate
  • graphic or video visualization of the opportunity

All of these elements describe in some form or perspective the impact of the gospel on the most profound need of people everywhere. God’s grace and mercy through the gospel accomplishes the impossible, by bringing spiritually dead, hell bound people to spiritual life, changing their heart, transforming their mind, giving them an entirely new family and outlook, and assuring them of heaven. It is compelling, glorious, fantastic, a relic, and impossible (apart from God’s grace). The spiritual condition of people without the gospel is catastrophic, terminal, a crisis begging for a solution (which God has supplied and given to us to proclaim).

In fact, the grand overarching purpose of God to see his glory proclaimed in all the nations and the greatness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is sufficient motivation for all believers to be fully committed with all of our imagination and resources to see this accomplished.