There are intangible costs:

  • time and organizational effort for meetings
  • long-distance communication with missionaries
  • study and research to grow in the area of missions and keep abreast of current issues
  • relational stretching, as you coordinate and work through issues with your missions team and church leadership

There are tangible costs as well:

  • expenses related to regular meetings and hosting those meetings
  • increased expenses as the church takes ownership of missionaries and ministries in a new way
  • significant expenses related to the shepherding and care of missionaries both on the field and home side including having church leaders visit them on the field
  • costs related to education, publicity, and promotion of missions interests on church walls and bulletin boards, Sunday school rooms, publications, newsletters, etc.
  • the costs of organizing and implementing an appealing, first-rate missions emphasis event on at least an annual basis
  • procuring training materials and trainers or a consultant (e.g.-from Propempo) for ongoing leadership training of your church missions team, staff, pastors and leaders