Ideally, the missions team is the primary liaison between the local church and the ministry out in the field. The missions team is the primary communications conduit between local church leadership and the missionaries, between the congregation and the ministries it supports corporately. As such, the missions team helps frame the priorities in missions ministries which best express the biblical and practical goals of their local church.

The following is a typical list of roles and responsibilities of a local church missions team.

  • stimulate prayer for missions among the ministries of the church using the most current information available from the workers and work on the field
  • develop a relational foundation for missionary care and shepherding
  • set priorities, goals, and promotion for missions funding, budgeting, and management
  • plan and execute the missions emphasis event at least annually
  • provide for regular communication and accountability with supported missionaries and missions entities
  • assist church leaders with appropriate information and education enabling them to fulfill their leadership role in missions with current understanding
  • provide avenues and motivation for congregants to become personally involved in missions
  • facilitate guidance of missionary candidates toward appropriate missions career goals in alignment with the doctrine and priorities of the local church
  • organize and fulfill meaningful short-term missions teams and projects
  • educate, inspire, and motivate church members to embrace their role in commitments as world Christians
  • develop media, publications, and promotional materials to facilitate all of the above roles and responsibilities