Most pastors are ex officio members of every standing ministry team, department, committee, or board. Exercise your privilege to attend the Missions Team meeting. Go as an observer; but go prepared and informed to encourage and motivate them to high goals.

Ask to get involved directly with missionaries, short term missions, field visits, etc. Just your asking will be an encouragement and reinforce your support of those things. Find out what unique contribution you could make to plans and resourcing for missions efforts. e.g. – Could you be a special speaker or MC for a missions event? Could you be a resource teacher/trainer for a short term missions team on ministry, or servanthood, or prayer, or biblical content? Could you supply some resource from your library or your counseling time to aid a missionary in need? You could volunteer to be in the hospitality rotation for visiting missionary or missions speakers.

Your patient and sympathetic interview of missionaries when they pass through the area will go a long way to showing and growing your concern for them and their ministry. Your commitment to visit them on the field is enormous and impactful in every direction.

Be as current as you can be with missions and world events issues. You will probably need someone from the missions team or missionary community to help you triage what is out there to find what is the best, most concise information for you to digest.