The Missions Pastor (or equivalent title) is usually directly accountable to the Senior Pastor or the governing Board. Often, the Missions Pastor responsibility is combined with other pastoral leadership roles, such as: Outreach or Evangelism, Small Groups, Administrative Pastor, Discipleship, Men’s Ministry. Sometimes the Missions Pastor is the leader of the Missions Team; sometimes he is accountable to the Missions Team functioning as the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operating Officer over the area of missions.

The Mission Pastor is usually responsible for oversight and/or execution of the missions leadership and mobilization functions of the church. Compare the areas of activity and ministry in Propempo’s Church Missions Profile:

  • Biblical foundations for missions
  • Local outreach
  • Congregational missions education
  • Church leader missions development
  • Missions Team leadership & development
  • Individual participation by congregants
  • Prayer for missions and missionaries
  • Missions giving, fund-raising, & stewardship
  • Short Term Missions
  • Missionary Care
  • Missions Strategy
  • Missionary Training

Below are some sample documents showing several approaches to a “job description” for a Missions Pastor.