It depends on whether your influence in the church is more formal or informal. If your influence is more informal (meaning that you don’t hold a leadership position), you can engage in the activities described in previous articles in this Propempo Missions Path.

Be encouraged by the fact that often you can make the most impact in a Daniel-type capacity. Daniel served his leaders, but was personally respected and had much influence.  Steps you could take would include :

  • Begin talking with the pastor(s) and missions committee members at your church. Ask to meet with them to learn more about how missions is led, and what the church does to mobilize its people for missions.
  • If the church has an effective plan for mobilizing, ask leaders if you might begin to help in the mobilization process and events.
  • If the church does not have a plan for mobilizing people for missions, and you’re respected as someone who’s informed about missions, you might next:
    • Ask if you could serve as a point person for publishing missions opportunities on the church’s website, social media, or in any printed publications.
    • Ask if you could start a missions interest group that would meet monthly or quarterly. Such a meeting would feature prayer for missions, and possibly a speaker to discuss topics of missions interest.
    • Offer to pass on to the missions committee/team samples of other churches’ mobilization practices.

If you are on the church staff, or on a missions/outreach team, you have the power to help lead the church in the process of mobilizing others. Assuming that other pastors/leaders object to developing a mobilization process, you can:

  • Determine your sphere of mobilization. Are you mobilizing for the mission field, for local cross-cultural ministry, etc.?
  • Develop guidelines for how to engage major types of people in your church: homeschooling moms, downtown business people, college students, youth, etc.
  • Develop tiered avenues for involvement (crawl, walk, run).
  • Plan for how you will engage people and bring them into the mobilization process, such as:
    • Through the church’s website, bulletin, and social media
    • Through personal conversations
    • Through an interactive website such as is available at
    • Through a monthly or quarterly missions interest group which would feature prayer and a speaker

First and last, pray for God to raise up people from your church for active involvement in missions!