It’s wise to determine what results you’re seeking to accomplish, by God’s grace, and to periodically gauge if your methods are succeeding.

Potential gauges might include :

  • People entering short- and long- term missions service
  • Your church leaders owning and stepping up to make missions a conscious part of their and the church's ministry
  • People who are engaging in local cross-cultural ministry
  • People who are identifying and engaging in their optimal Great Commission role (goer, sender, welcomer, mobilizer)
  • People who are re-ordering life decisions and priorities in order to be maximally involved in missions
  • Larger opportunities and funding for all kinds of missions ministries, projects, people
  • Increased personal or church giving to outreach efforts
  • People who are interested in learning more about missions and are engaging in learning activities (cf. Perspectives)
  • People coming to faith in Christ due to the efforts of those who were mobilized