An effective mobilizer is a veritable database of wisdom and resources. Some key important areas of competency would include :

  • Missions issues and trends
  • World religions and the key challenges they present to world missions
  • Major current world events and how they effect missions
  • Potential mission agencies with which people can serve; key differences between them (type of ministry, theological stance, locations they work) and what types of missionaries best fit in those agencies.
  • Current issues and trends in the American Church, particularly pertaining to evangelism and missions

Some key books, periodicals and guides to read (regularly) would include :

  • Operation World
  • Christianity Today
  • Evangelical Missions Quarterly
  • Leadership
  • Brigada weekly email
  • Missions Catalyst (Marti Wade)
  • Missions Catalyst (Ellen Livingood)
  • Radical
  • Radical Together
  • The Church is Bigger Than You Think