Let's be honest. Learning about missions is one thing. Doing it is another thing altogether.

Most people, even Christians from good churches, think that personal involvement in missions for someone living in the western world is limited to praying and giving money. Christians in North America tend to be confused by the consumer mentality of thinking that living out their faith is a spectator sport. Go to church on Sunday, give God a tip in the offering, try to be good, and grow a little bit in love and kindness, and that's it!

However, that mentality is far from the truth of what the Bible teaches and what God aspires for in our lives.

The section on personal involvement will explore a number of ways that you can make your missions interest practical both in your real life right where you live and in the lives of others. You'll discover that your own Christian life will grow, deepen, mature, and have a bigger impact as you walk through this path of personal involvement and apply it. Who knows? Maybe God will use this path to gradually lead you toward missionary service. If not you personally, perhaps the Lord will use you on a regular basis to encourage others to pursue their missionary calling.