How can I pray for missions and missionaries? - Praying is not just for missions. Praying is doing missions.

How is prayer related to missions? - Does prayer matter?

Why should I get involved through prayer? - What difference does it make?

What difference does prayer make for missions? - The Bible states and models that prayer is God's means

What does it mean to be on a missionary's prayer team? - Prayer is one of the most important roles you can have

What information can I use to help me pray? - There are lots of resources to inform your prayers for missions

Is there a systematic way to pray for missionaries? - How can I structure my prayers for missionaries?

How can I get others interested in prayer for missions? - It is encouraging to pray together with others

How can I influence my church to pray for missions? - Promoting Prayer for Missions in Your Church

What biblical examples do we have for prayer for missions? - Bible examples of missional prayer