How can I share my faith with others? - Participate in the Great Commission from home

What is my biblical responsibility to share my faith? - Breathing, sharing Christ, essentials of life as a believer

How does my sharing Christ help the cause of missions? - Witnessing here helps and prepares those witnessing there

How do I develop skills at sharing the Gospel? - Please help me learn how to do evangelism

Is the Gospel exclusive? - Do other religions lead to God?

How can I build my confidence in the Gospel? - Don't defend the Lion; Just turn the Lion loose.

What if I encounter objections? - People have real questions

What if I encounter hostility? - How do I respond to outright dismissal or aggression?

What if my spouse is unsaved? - You can do a lot for missions; but you can't go without your spouse.

How can I develop a lifestyle of sharing Christ? - What steps do I take to grow in evangelistic skill?

How can I get others involved in sharing the Gospel? - Bringing others along is part of discipling

How can I get my church more involved in evangelism? - Mobilizing your church can be one of the most impactful things you can do