Should I give financial support? - Money is not the main thing; but it is a thing.

What is a "sender"? - "You are a sender, a goer, or disobedient." - John Piper

Are there "senders" in the Bible? - YES - there are senders in the Bible!

How can I become a supporter or sender? - Step out and make a commitment

How important are "senders"? - Senders care, give, and pray, three very important resources.

What does a sender do? - What areas should we be aware of?

What describes a good supporter / sender? - Get practical about your Sender role

What or who should I support? - Help me decide who to support

Are there causes or people I should avoid supporting? - Do not choose based on TV, Internet, or magazine ads

What guidelines should I follow as a supporter or sender? - What are the key things I should know and do?

How can I form a group of senders for a missionary? - Call it a Barnabas Team or Prayer and Care (PAC) Team

What should a "sending team" do? - What areas are significant in sending/supporting?

How can I become a more effective sender? - How can I grow and help others be good senders?

What changes are needed for me to become a committed sender? - How will being a sender affect my lifestyle?

How can a sending team help our church in missions? - The Sending Team's Impact for the Whole Church