We’d suggest that the following people and organizations are never worthy of your missions support:

  • Outreaches that do not seek to share the Gospel in any way. They function purely as humanitarian, relief, social development and social justice organizations.
  • Outreaches that do not subscribe to orthodox Christian theology. Sample orthodox doctrinal statements would include the Apostles’ Creed or the Lausanne Covenant. Your personal theological convictions may lead you to develop stricter doctrinal standards within evangelical Christianity.
  • Outreaches that lack complete transparency about their income, how they spend money, their standards of accountability, and who leads them.

Beyond such non-negotiable standards, we’d encourage you to consider these standards:

  • Are disciplemaking and church planting the ultimate tasks of the ministry? This is the essence of the Great Commission.
  • Does the ministry work in places that are more or less reached with the Gospel?
  • Does the ministry actively partner with national churches and leaders?