If God is calling you to support or send, He wants to connect you to the people and organizations with which you are primed to partner. Begin by asking God what your specific supporting or sending role might look like.

  • What resources are you best able to give: time, skills, finances, etc.?
  • Do you need to research options?
  • Is God leading you to join a specific group of other supporters/senders (such as a group of Phoenix businessmen who together decided to give a mission agency the funds for a new headquarters building)?
  • About what missions endeavors are you passionate?
  • Are there any hurdles you need to get past before beginning to support or send? Do you need to get out of debt to free up finances? Do you need to eliminate some responsibilities so that your time is freed up give your skills to serve a missionary or organization? Your next step is to work past those hurdles.

Once the answers to these questions are clear, your specific involvement should become clear and you are free to start supporting or sending.

The gold standard resource for sending missionaries well is the book Serving as Senders.