First of all, it’s not too much to say that, if the Pastor’s teaching and preaching is void of reference to mission, then he is not well acquainted with God and His Word. God is all about His glory spread and proclaimed to all nations. The Bible is saturated with God’s purpose to glorify Himself through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples. To NOT see God seeking to make Himself known to all nations, is to be blind and self-centered, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

A man of the Word will be a man who sees missions woven into the fabric of Scripture from Creation to Revelations. All of history is His story of redemption unfolding through the testimony and example of His people.

Secondly, a faithful pastor will develop strong relationships with, at least, the missionaries whom the church supports. These dear workers are extended family, adjunct staff, fellow-workers in the Gospel who are a part of and representing your church. It is incumbent upon the pastor to know them and their needs. Lord willing, over time, he will have opportunity to visit them on site and see, feel, taste, touch, and hear the environment in which they minister. This kind of experience cannot help but ooze out of his pores and filter through his illustrations as he teaches and preaches. It becomes a wellspring of anecdotal evidences of God’s grace, mercy, and providence in fulfilling His will.