Go on a short term missions trip - Short Term Missions, A Key Ingredient in Your Journey

What is "Short Term Missions" (STM)? - Big Picture View of STM

How does STM relate to long-term missions? - Is STM a stepping stone to career service?

How does STM relate to my church missions ministries? - Can my church be involved with STM?

Why should I get involved in STM? - Give me a reason to use my time and money for STM

Who is qualified to go on STM? (and who is NOT?) - Who gets to go on STM trips?

How do I select a STM opportunity? - Too many choices, so little time

How is STM financed? - Who pays for this and how much?

Is STM a waste of money, time, and human resources? - What is the cost-benefit analysis of STM?

How should we prepare for a STM trip? - What is involved with preparation for STM?

What do we do when we come back from a STM trip? - Debrief, to conserve the fruit of spiritual impact of the STM

How can we transfer all the benefits of the STM to the church? - After-action reports and practical obedience

How often should I go on a STM? - Don't be a STM junkie!