Church Missions Profile

  • Designed for you to self-assess your church’s (or a church you are helping in this way) strengths and weaknesses across the twelve categories of missions ministry.
  • Display, download and print a PDF of your completed assessment chart and the comprehensive, individualized recommendations report for your church.
  • Your current and past CMP Profiles are downloadable, printable, and accessible as long as your membership is current. 

Missions Paths Roles

We are continually adding content.  More missions paths to come in the future.  Please come back for updates. 

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Propempo Training Event - Propempo Institute of Missions (Training Classes & Presentations)

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Send Forward Missions 101

This course might be considered the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" for all Missions Committee/Missions Team members. It is an overview of missions and church missions functions for training local church missions functionaries or mobilizers. This course provides a solid, common foundation for those serving the local church in missions, through the following areas: 

  • Biblical / Theological
  • Local Church Roles
  • Leadership
  • Missions Team Functions
  • Biblical Values
  • Missionary Life and Work